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Pat Obermeier - writer/producer

musings on THE PRESIDENT FACTOR and my TV life in no particular order

The President Factor is now available!

The President Factor

The President Factor



You can buy it on Amazon. Or your fav bookstore can order it from Ingram.

Here’s a link to Amazon’s Look Inside, where you can sample a few pages.

If you hit the “Surprise Me” function at the end of the sample, you’ll get some additional sample pages.

Ice carving ala Barneys NYC

Another Barneys Manhattan holiday window winner. Ice sculpture carving in Moncler Gamme Bleu outerwear designed by Thom Browne, no less.

My Inside City Hall Interview

Talk about my political satire, The President Factor on Inside City Hall …On NY1 News …with Errol Louis? Oh yeah! I can make that.

Create Space v. Ingram v. BookBaby. Print tryout.

Many, many folks have written posts about the differences in these three publishing choices for your Indie book.  I put my manuscript and cover through the process with all three…then ordered sample copies to compare their presses and process.

My interior was laid out by a professional editor and my cover was designed by Daniel Cullen, who designs for some of the Big Five publishers.

The President Factor has  cream interior, matte finish.  352p  Trade, perfect binding.

ISBN – I have my own. You cannot distribute your books anywhere other than Amazon if you use Create Space ISBN numbers.  Yes, I know they cost $$$, but bite the bullet and then you can distribute anywhere. Get them from Bowker. They are very helpful for newbies.

ARC – Advance Reader Copies.  The only way to get them done WITHOUT your ISBN on the back is to go through BookBaby.  I wanted to do that since I didn’t want the bar code on the versions I was sending out for review and blurbs.  After I got the blurbs, I would send them to the cover artist to include on the front and back and then, of course add the bar code.  Create Space and Ingram would not print without the bar code.  So I printed my ARCs with BookBaby.

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Shower Door Graffiti

Who needs Banksy?  Or one of those scary-I-Hope-This-Doesn’t-Become-a-Thing graffiti drones.

shower door graffiti

shower door graffiti

It took expert domino wizard, Robert Speca, six hours to set ’em up the first time.  After that…only FIVE!  We filmed in slo-mo, with lipstick cameras, overheads, ground level and stuff I can’t even remember.  We set em up and knocked them down for three days to get all the angles. Brought the NY1 talent to another part of the studio and shot them dropping the ball down a ramp to knock over the string of dominos that led to the big group.  Then we married that footage in post.

DP Joe Chapura not only planned and shot it all, but didn’t blink when I called with, “Joe I have this idea for a spot.  You know anyone who can set up dominos?”

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Funny thing happened on the way to publication.

I sent over an essay to the Buffalo News.   They decided to publish it, so I was happy.  It appeared in today’s paper.    Here’s the link.Obermeier essay Buffalo News   But along the way, the News editors changed the title.  Which, of course, is their perogative.

My title: Changing Faces.

I can see how the News’ headline might get more attention, so I get it, but isn’t it ironic…don’t cha think… (apologies to Alanis Morissette)… that they changed the face of my essay?




I was on the radio…kinda…not really

I get a call from WRNW1: The producer of their show, Open Forum, would like me to be on the show …live …for an eight minute interview. They provide a reasonable explanation of how they found me and why they want to interview me. I  google them while on the phone.  Lots of hits, an article from Reuters. Okay I’ll do this. My novel, The President Factor is coming out in the Fall and I can give listeners some background.  I tell my friends and biz connections, some of whom are currently on the radio themselves.  Should be fun.

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pinning when hungry

Oh lordy

Oh lordy

5pm. putting off cooking dinner.

At first I thought it wasn’t a good idea to surf Pinterest when I was hungry, then realized it was probably the BEST time to look for recipes. Filling my eyes with pictures of breakfast egg combos, scones stuffed with berries, juice infused drinks, roasted carrots, chocolate filled/covered – just anything chocolate let’s face it – all the recipes with their step-by-step pictures – was almost as good as cooking and eating. I said almost.

Going to the supermarket, however, is running the gauntlet.

Working with CA Square

Worked with CA Square, a fab animation/design company, on a bunch of stuff for NY1. Here’s a montage they put together.

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